Zyrophr's Keebs

French bespoke keyboard lover who offers a free building service and stream on twitch!

Free keyboard build service

TL:DR I offer free custom mechanical keyboards build service and I stream them on Twitch! I offer solder, stabs mod/lube, but not switch modding! If you're interested, please fill out this form

Free building service uh?

Yes. And I promise you there is absolutely no catch. I love building keyboards, and I love streaming.
So why not do both at the same time? I know this is a really niche hobby, and a big part of it is the DIY part, but I'm sure that some people out there don't have the money to buy tools or to pay a build service, nor the time. So, if I can help, I'm more than happy to do so.

My build service will be completely free as long as you pay for the shipping, both ways. My service includes building and stabs lubing/modding, but nothing else (to an extent). That means I won't mod your switches (no lubing nor filming). The reason is that I unfortunately do not have time for that, and not that much of lube.


I'm located in Paris, France. That means that I will only serve EU folks for now (if you live anywhere else but you still really want me to build your keyboard, please contact me and we will sort things out). I do not plan to offer an outside EU service at the moment, because of the expensive shipping prices (unless you're willing to pay a lot, that's on you).

Also, as I'm French, most of my streams will be French-speaking focused. That said, I also speak English, and I plan to alternate as needed during the stream. I've had international viewers before and the exchanges have always gone well. Of course, if you come on the stream I will speak to you in English!

Service details

  • ➤ Soldering
  • ➤ Stabs Lubing (Krytox 205g0 or Permatex, or both)
  • ➤ Stabs mods (Foam sticker, clipping)
  • ➤ Sound dampening/Foam (provided by the client)
  • ➤ PCB testing and Flashing, custom QMK mapping (I'll send you the firmware and stuff)
If you have anything in mind, please let me know by DMing me!

Previous builds

I started streaming recently, so most of those build aren't recorded at all, but I do post pictures and stuff on Twitter/Reddit or Discord! From now on, every new build I do will be streamed live on Twitch (and one day be archived on YouTube) though, so the client have a way to make sure everything goes fine and can interact with me in real time!
Every past build will be archived here, on this website, with pictures, typing tests and VODs.

How do I apply?

  • 1. Fill out this google form
  • 2. Contact me on Discord, Twitter, or Reddit to let me know that you filled it
  • 3. We talk about details and stuff
  • 4. You ship me the parts once you have everything ready
  • 5. I build your nice keeb with love, take pictures and record a typing test
  • 6. I send it back ASAP and you (hopefully) like it!


Finally, I just wanted to thank you, a lot, for reading all of this. I'm open to any discussion or questions you have, and will do my best to help you out!

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