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French bespoke keyboard lover who offers a free building service and stream on twitch!

About Me

me, hi!!!


My name's William, I'm a 21-year-old living in Paris 🗼, pleased to meet you!
Since quite a bit of time now, I've been obsessed by tech and travels. And since now more than 4 years, I've fallen into the deep hole that are customs mechanical keyboards. You can find me on:


Every Sunday, at 3PM (UTC+2), since December 2020, I build mechanical keyboards live on twitch! Come hang out, even if you don't speak french, I do speak and read english without too much troubles! And even though I build my personal keebs, most of them are clients' build! Those builds most often leads to typing tests that I upload on my youtube channel. Head over here to learn more about my build service.

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